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Kenyan-based Ushahidi aggregates crisis information to assess earthquake damage in Haiti

As aid workers save lives amidst the destruction in Haiti, it is Kenyan technology that is supporting the relief efforts. Ushahidi is an engine that maps text messages and calls for help throughout a crisis. The website provides aid groups with a better picture of dire needs for food, water and medical assistance. Ushahidi, which means “testimony” or “witness” in … Read More

Kenya leads in global fight against piracy

With Somalia in its backyard, no country has more at stake in the fight against piracy than Kenya. As the only administration presently prosecuting Somali pirates, the Kenyan government has earned a reputation as an anchor in the region by going to great lengths to combat and punish pirates. In addition to cutting off financial resources, the Merchant Shipping Act … Read More

U.S. Ambassador praises Kenyan reform efforts

Kenya’s commitment to political reforms is paying off, the US declared Tuesday. Ambassador Michael Ranneberger said “significant progress” had been made in a number of areas. And he particularly singled out reforms in the police and the constitutional review process, saying this was an indication that things were on the right track. “But we are glad that the pressure and … Read More

Kenyan constitution submitted to Parliament after citizens' views incorporated

The Kenyan Committee of Experts on Constitutional Review will hand over the harmonized draft Constitution to the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) on the Constitution today. The Committee of Experts has amended the draft based on suggestions from the Kenyan population. The PSC will scrutinize the document and present it to Parliament before taking it back to the Experts with recommendations … Read More

Kenya going green to light up schools and hospitals

Two private companies have been commissioned to install solar panels in 117 schools and hospitals in arid regions in a move geared towards enhancing sources of renewable energy and lowering costs to poor communities. Power Options Limited and Go Solar Limited have been awarded a $3.62 million tender to install, test and commission solar panels in schools and hospitals that … Read More