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Kenya's Constitution Becomes Law on Promulgation Day

Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki formally signed the country’s new Constitution into law today during a ceremony in Nairobi’s Uhuru Park. Tens of thousands of people gathered to watch their leader promulgate the new document, amid gun salutes and a military parade. Upon signing the Constitution, President Kibaki declared that “this moment marks the decisive conclusion of the twenty-year journey in … Read More

Kenya's new Constitution contributes to increased investment and tourism

Two weeks after the peaceful passage of its new Constitution, Kenya’s economy is already experiencing a boost from increased tourism and foreign and local investor confidence. East Africa’s largest economy forecast 100 billion shillings of foreign and local investment for the fiscal year that ended on June 30, and then raised 156 billion shillings ($1.9 billion) during the period, Kenya … Read More

Global Economic Leaders Seize on Opportunities in EAC Market

Global economic leaders are rushing to establish diplomatic footholds in the East African Community and establish trade and investment pacts under the EAC’s newly formed Common Market. Since May, the United States, Japan, Turkey, Netherlands and Denmark have sent envoys to present their credentials to the EAC headquarters in Arusha, Tanzania. The countries are searching for deeper partnerships that would … Read More

President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton congratulate Kenya on 'peaceful, transparent' vote

US President Barack Obama congratulated Kenya today on its successful constitutional referendum vote as a “significant step forward.” “The United States congratulates the Kenyan people and government on the holding of a peaceful, transparent, and credible constitutional referendum,” Obama said in a statement. “This was a significant step forward for Kenya’s democracy, and the peaceful nature of the election was … Read More

Kenya constitution vote could pave way to stability

The passage of the new Kenyan constitution could pave the way for a more politically stable Kenya. Garnering 69 percent of the vote, the new constitution, written in 2009, was backed both by Kenya’s sitting President Mwai Kibaki and by current Prime Minister Raila Odinga. Under the current Constitution, the president has wide powers similar to those given British colonial … Read More

Kenya constitution referendum puts confidence into Nairobi stock market

Kenya’s economy has already begun to profit from the new constitution as investors anticipate renewed activity and growth in the economic sector following the resounding “yes” vote coming out of yesterday’s constitutional referendum. The Nairobi Stock Exchange rallied with a 280-point jump over the past five days as investors saw the constitution pass peacefully, dramatically lowering the risk of investing … Read More

Kenya votes "Yes" to new constitution

Following a historical referendum that could reshape the political landscape of east Africa’s largest economy, preliminary results indicate Kenyans overwhelmingly cast their ballots in favor of the proposed constitution in yesterday’s peaceful voting. Provisional results released by the electoral authority from more than half of the polling stations show 69 percent of Kenyans supported the draft constitution. Higher Education Minister … Read More