Kenyans are among the most prolific users of Twitter in Africa

  • A report by Kenya-based Portland Communications and Tweetminster titled “How Africa Tweets” found that with 2.5 million tweets over a period of three months, Kenya was the second most active country in Africa.
  • Uses for twitter vary: over 80 percent of those polled said they mainly used it for communicating with friends and 68 percent said they use it to monitor news. The study also found wide use of other social media services in Africa. Of the people using Twitter, 94 percent also used Facebook, 69 percent used YouTube, 46 percent used Google+ and 37 percent used LinkedIn.
  • Twitter became a key tool during the Kenyan constitutional referendum in 2010. Voters and poll watchers used Twitter to communicate in real-time, and help ensure a peaceful and successful referendum.


Source: Washington Post
Source: Christian Science Monitor